hand ball betting rules MVS screens are versatile. They can be used for primary, secondary and tertiary screening. MVS screen standard slope angle is 18o but can be modified for special applications. It can be used for wet screening fitted with spray pipes.,zhu ting volleyball player

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  • High screening capacity and excellent performance.
  • Circular motion modular vibrators with two bearings per vibrator, interconnected by cardan shaft.
  • Unique angle of the circular motion MVS Screens are able to achieve higher productivity.
  • Modular design is available either as 1, 2, 3 or 4 deck and has excellent segregation to suit the aggregate and mining industries requirements.
  • Stroke adjustment through counter weight. Grease lubrication system ensures easy and low maintenance.
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Screen Size (WxL)    mm 1500x4000 1800x4500 2000x6000 2500x6100
(inch) (59.0x157.4) (71.0x177.2) (78.7x236.2) (98.4x240.1)
Screening Area  sq.m 6.0 8.1 12.0 15.1
*Capacity  TPH 300 400 650 800
Number of Decks   1/2/3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4 3/4
Mounting Type (optional)   Skid
Screen Position   Inclined
Type of Motion   Circular
Motor Power  kW **11/15 15 22 30
(hp) (15)/(20) (20) (30) (40)
Weight  kg 2250/3500/ 4200/5100 4000/5400/6300 5500/7000/8600 12900/14000
(Ton) (2.25/3.5 /4.2/5.1) (4.0/5.4/6.3) (5.5/ 7.0/8.6) (12.9/14.0)
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